About the Department

The Department of Political Science at the University of Umeå was created in 1965 with political science education from undergraduate to doctoral level and is home to state of the art research in political theory, Swedish and comparative politics, public administration and international relations.

Since 2003 the department also includes Peace and Conflict Studies. About fifty professors, teachers, researchers, and administrators with permanent positions as well as a small numbers of teachers, researchers and research assistants with short-term tenures. There are about twenty active PhD students, some of whom are also involved in undergraduate teaching. In total, about 270 students in political science and 80 in peace and conflict studies are taught each year. In addition, the department is involved in teaching within educational programmes in several faculties and provides external teaching. There are lively international contacts both within research, teaching and student exchange.

Our Subjects

Political Science

Peace and Conflict Studies

Principle Development

Samhällsvetarhuset, handelshögskolan

Image: Mattias Pettersson