Welcome to the Centre for Principal Development!

The Centre for Principal Development was established in January 1993. One significant task and responsibility for the Centre is to run the National Head Teacher Training Programme for northern Sweden. A range of academic courses which can contribute in the training and development of both current and future leaders within the school sector is a vital part of the activities at the Centre. The Centre also gives Masters- and Ph.D.-courses in leadership and administration.

An important goal for the Centre is that research should form an essential part of the Centre's work. Consequently Centre staff are currently involved in four substantial comparative research projects: The Nature, form and Functions of Values in School Administration in Western Australia, Canada and Sweden, School leadership and equity in South Africa, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, England and Slovenia, The International Project on Successful Principalship in Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Sweden and USA, The Dilemmas of Leadership: Perceptions and responses to moral and ethical challenges in Canada, USA, and Sweden. Finally, Structure, Culture, Leadership: Prerequisites for Successful Schools? is a Swedish research project with professor Olof Johansson and associated professor Jonas Höög as the main researchers. This last project is financed by the Swedish Research Council and linked to the four international projects above. The project has 6 doctoral students and two additional researchers.

Head of Department: Professor Olof Johansson

Page Editor: Helene Ärlestig

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