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Studies abroad are important for students today. One or two semesters abroad gives excellent opportunities to learn about the political situation and the culture in a foreign country in a quite different way compared to holiday trips. Above all you improve your language skills, something that gives you a good advantage at the labour market. By studying abroad you create your own international network and you meet students from all over the world.

The Department of Political Science have agreements with several universities in Europe (Socrates/Erasmus). We are also part of a Scandinavian exchange network for Political Science called Nordplus.

Together with other departments at the Social Science Faculty at Umeå University we offer a wide range of courses/modules in English. Courses in Political Science are also open for Swedish students. This enables our international students to get to know native students as well. More detailed information about application procedures, housing etc can be found on the website of our International Office.

We recommend our incoming students to take part in the Orientation Programme that is offered one week before the start of each semester. The programme consists of useful information about studies in Umeå and Sweden, about our campus, and the city of Umeå. You also get to know other international students from the start of your stay.

Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck is the International Coordinator in Political Science. She is responsible for the registration of students in Politics. If you need a certificate stating, for example, that you are registered as a student at our department, Ann-Sofi will provide you with one. She also signs any documents your home department needs and she can advise you in case you would like to change courses during the semester.

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Ann-Sofi Rönnbäck
International coordinator

Tel:  +46 90 786 57 01

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