Research at the Department of Political Science concerns five research themes, carried out within the following research groups:

  • Representative Democracy – institutions and political parties in Sweden, Europe and the EU
    The central research question is how representative democracy at national and European levels responds to contemporary challenges.
    In charge: Professor Torbjörn Bergman
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
    The research group focuses on two sets of issues – how long-term and sustainable peace can be established and how effective crisis management can be organized. This research has particular relevance for the planning of future international missions.
    In charge: Professor Anna Jarstad
  • Municipalities, Regions and Public Sector Activities
    The study group investigates, from different theoretical and methodological perspectives, how public sector activities at local, regional and central levels are governed, carried out, challenged and transformed. Research includes studies of Sweden, international comparisons and gender aspects.
    In charge: Professors Christine Hudson and Anders Lidström
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Policies and Governance, and the Urban-Rural Relationship
    The research focus is on governance of complex institutional systems for sustainable development. It aims at a deeper understanding of how politics and policy, participation and cooperation can be organized as support for sustainable development.
    In charge: Professors Katarina Eckerberg and Camilla Sandström
  • Educational Leadership
    Research is carried out on governance, leadership and support in different types of educational organizations and on the effects of these activities.
    In charge: Professor Olof Johansson

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